2019, April, Week 1


  • Why You Should Stop Reading News: We spend hours consuming news because we want to be well informed. But is that time well spent? This very interesting text Farnam Street text discusses about it.


  • 10 Letters We Dropped from the Alphabet: the video below shows 10 letters that used to be used, but didn’t quite stand the test of time.


  • Meet your long-lost distant cousin, Homo luzonensis - Ars Technica’s text about the newly discovered species that may be related to the “hobbit,” Homo floresiensis.
  • What I learned by living without artificial light - Linda Geddes decided to live for weeks in only candlelight – no bulbs, no screens. This BBC article shows her findings about this.


  • How To Be More Productive by Working Less - As Mark Manson’s text explains why working more hours doesn’t implies on creating more.