2019, February, Week 3


  • Wat - a humorous take on programming. Short and funny talk.


  • Ant species cultivates coffee for accommodation - Scientists on the island of Fiji have discovered a type of ant that plants, fertilizes and guards its own coffee crops. More on that discovery is shown on the article.
  • You’re an Adult. Your Brain, Not So Much. - The human brain reaches its adult volume by age 10, but is it really finished? This article talks about this.
  • Do Not Eat, Touch, Or Even Inhale the Air Around the Manchineel Tree - Meet America’s deadliest tree on this article.


  • Five Things You Notice When You Quit the News - Interesting article pointing out that following the news doesn’t necessarily makes you a better citizen and could be taking some precious time of yours.


  • Which Language Uses the Most Sounds? Click 5 Times for the Answer - The New York Times’ article talking about the peculiarities of the Taa language.