2019, June, Week 1

Here are the interesting links that I found on June’s first week.


  • Ditch the GPS. It’s ruining your brain. - Interesting text on how our day to day GPS using may be spoiling us.


  • Never Underestimate The Impact Of A Single Rotten Apple - A single lazy person in a team can have a big impact on it, as this text states. I think we all have experienced something similar during our work career.


  • Organic Farming, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Ant-Processed Coffee - By observing the nature do its thing, a coffee grower discovered an interesting new product. This text talks about it.
  • Too Many People Want to Travel - The Atlantic’s article on the perils of overtourism, which has led to environmental degradation, dangerous conditions, and the immiseration and pricing-out of locals in many places.