Full-stack developer for over 8 years. Enthusiastic about building products that provide great experiences to users. Advocate of well-done, elegant code. Eager learner, being interested in a wide variety of areas.


UCS - Universidade de Caxias do Sul
Full-Stack Developer
July/2012 — Present

University. I work both as a backend and frontend developer, depending on the company needs, developing solutions that will affect around 20000 people among students, teachers and employees.

Some of the projects and activities that I worked on:

  • Strategic management solutions, built in Django:
    • Financial system tools, responsible for reporting information regarding student enrollment;
    • Workflow system for proposal of new non-degree courses
  • Institution’s academic system, which is built on Django:
    • Tool for managing the submission of graduation’s Capstone projects
    • Tools for listing and management of academic information
  • APIs, using Django REST Framework, for:
    • the mobile academic application, used by students and teachers for managing class-related information;
    • push notification scheduling and dispatching;
    • SMS scheduling and dispatching (integrated with an external API);
    • a geolocation-based game for promoting the entrance exam.
  • Container-based applications, built with the aid of a (internally built) Docker container’s management tool, for:
    • push notification dispatching;
    • SMS dispatching.
  • Customization of Django Admin used in the institution’s systems;
  • Modernization of the visual of the institution’s portal, using CSS media queries;
  • Documentation of systems and processes.

Full-Stack Developer
April/2012 — June/2012

Development of an online classified advertisements service, built in PHP.

October/2009 — July/2011

Brazilian Post. Worked in customer service, as well as routing and shipping packages and letters.

Viratta Tecnologia da Informação
Intern/Computer Technician
October/2008 — May/2009

Participation on the development of a printing management software built in C#.

Vertical Gravadora e Editora
July/2006 — September/2007

Record Company. Worked on the control of shipping and receiving of goods and typing and reviewing of texts and graphic materials.

Side Projects
May/2017 — Present

Personal website. Developed from the start to be a highly performatic, readability-focused site.

Built on Pelican, a Python static site generator. I aimed for simplicity, so it was developed using HTML5, CSS3 and Vanilla Javascript.

March/2013 — November/2014

Lector was a feed reader web application, providing a no-frills experience to read the news. The project came to life in a company called Project #42 that I co-founded with my friend Julio Greff to develop our product ideas. The project went live, but we could not get enough engagement to justify continuing with the project, so it was shut down.

It was built using Ruby on Rails on the backend, being its frontend a pure jQuery single page app, being this area where I worked more.

August/2011 — December/2011

Website (now offline) targeted to school/college team works management. Developed as a project for learning MVC, web development, data management and more. its development helped me to get back on track of my career as a software developer.

It was built on PHP, using a self-created MVC framework on the backend. For the frontend, Bootstrap and jQuery were used.


UCS - Universidade de Caxias do Sul
Bachelor Degree, Computer Science, Graduate
2005 — 2015

Course project: A proposal of recommendations to design mobile web interfaces


Cerva Serra
Administrative Council Member
Dec/2017 — Jun/2019

Nonprofit organization that fosters the craft beer brewing industry, by promoting events, courses and meetings, engaging the whole community.

I helped in the management of the more than 120 active members, aiding on the organization and promotion of courses, headquarters maintenance, site maintenance and consecutive translation of talks from international speakers.