Hello World!

Well, I’m Maurício Gardini, and this is my website.

In my inaugural post, I was planning to talk about myself. But the draft of this post was becoming kinda… huge. So, I’ll leave my “bio things” at the About section and narrow this post to things related to what I’ll write about in this blog.

It’s kind of a big thing to me to finally turn this idea into reality, ‘cause this website was something that I wanted to accomplish for quite a long time.

I live by a motto: “Stay curious”. And, while this is a good thing generally speaking, it can be kinda troublesome because I have many interests, but little free time allied with a huge time management problem. And that’s why this site’s launch got delayed… And delayed… And delayed.

Anyway: in this site, I’ll talk mainly about the things that I experience, use and discover. Yeah, it’s going to be more like a technical site than a blog, but I’m not intending to be very formal either.

So, yeah. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates. =)