2020, January

  • Can we know what animals are thinking? - Great long read about how animals’ minds.
  • Hand powered drilling tools and machines - Long read about the history of hand drilling tools.
  • The Languages Which Almost Became CSS - Interesting text about the history of CSS and all its language proposals.
  • The Little Book of Python Anti-Patterns - Very interesting list of Python anti-patterns and worst practices.
  • Polynesian people used binary numbers 600 years ago - Interesting text about how the base-2 system was used way before the computer era.
  • A tiny tweak to sugar is about to make the world’s sweets a lot healthier - article about how companies are trying to make less harmful versions of sugar.
  • Why Nature Prefers Hexagons - Great article about the reasons why honeycombs, soap bubbles and other things in nature have a tendency to be hexagonal.
  • Why We Can’t Have the Male Pill - Interesting article explaining the reasons why the male pill hasn’t been invented yet.